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Seb Garat Wants Your Vote

Back in November we were reporting that Alex Pastor, 2010 PKRA Vice World Champion, would like to win the first ever PKRA People’s Choice award and with that goal in mind, he invited all his fans to vote for him. Unfortunately for Alex, he did not get enough votes to make it in the competition. We feel for you Alex!

Seb Garat (FRA, RRD) and Youri Zoon (NED, Slingshot) did make it into the competition. Seb and Youri are currently battling it out for the People’s Choice title and it seems that Youri, 2011 PKRA Freestyle Champion, is in the lead. That’s perhaps why Seb, 6th on the PKRA Freestyle ranking this season, turned to social networking to help gain some more points.

Via popular social networking site Facebook, Seb announced that he’s competing for the People’s Choice title and invited his fans to cast a vote for him. So if you want Seb to win this, go to and cast your vote. Please note that you need to log into Facebook to vote; also note that if you spread the news about the People’s Choice competition you could win a Best Kiteboarding Kahoona V3 kite.

The voting period is of 48 hours, from December 5th until December 7th. So don’t waste any more time, go and cast your vote.

In related news, Youri used his Facebook account to announce that he returned to Amsterdam and that he got a great reception.