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Seven Minutes

SEVEN minutes is how long it takes for professional competition riders to battle it out one on one during each heat of the PKRA. During these seven minutes riders focus on their ride and they use their determination to the maximum to showcase their skill and talent. Seven minutes is all it takes to determine a world champ.

Airush Pro Team riders and 2012 Vice World Championship Title holders Alex Pastor and Bruna Kajiya had their share of seven minutes hundreds of times. They know all about the thrill and beauty of competing on the PKRA tour. The clip below, entitled Seven, takes you through Alex and Bruna’s each stop of the 2012 PKRA tour, showcasing some of their best tricks.

Living out of a board bag, the two team riders go from spot to spot while keeping their riding level and moral up. Enjoy the clip and get ready for an amazing 2013 season.