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Shredding the French Riviera with the Takoon Crew

The Takoon Kiteboarding Company is one of the most respected and appreciated brands in kiteboarding industry. The guys at Takoon are dedicated to take the sport to new heights by manufacturing tip quality and performance kites, boards and accessories.

And they also have a great team of riders, trained to perform at a world class level. The guys at Takoon recently took a trip down the French Riviera to test their new Phi Series. Takoon team riders, Hugo Guias, Mallory de la Villemarqué and Rodolphe MacKeene had lots of fun shredding there. And you can check it all out in the related videos section below.

You will witness some epic action and find out that the French Riviera is not only a beautiful holiday destination for millionaires, but also a perfect spot for kiteboarding. The Takoon family proves that.