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Skate Kiteboarding with Tom Court

Don’t try this at home! Cape Town never fails to deliver! Tom Court linked up with the Dirty Habits crew for a day of fun, and they are never short of a plan or something creative to do! After kiting all morning, they decided to mix it up with a downwind skate in the afternoon. As soon as the Cape Doctor his 40 Knots plus and the sand is flying, you can go down wind on a skate board as if its downhill!

A quick word from Tom: “I busted out my pocket 1m Duotone Dice that I had made for me and hit the sidewalk for some side walk kitesurfing dodging the traffic with Graham Howes. This is one of Cape Town’s rare experiences, weather you are doing it in the afternoon or in the early hours of the morning... Don't try it! It’s dangerous!!!”