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Slingshot Intros New Kite Suspension System

The guys at Slingshot Kites have developed a new kite system that acts as a suspension for the kite, improving its balance, control and overall performance. As they say, it’s something like the suspension did for mountain bikes back in the day.

The newly engineered Intuitive Response System (IRS) is designed to auto tune the bridle by using suspension technology. For now it comes with the RPM kite. The differential self-adjusting switch tunes the LE to provide the optimal shape throughout every angle of attack. This new revolutionary pulley-less bridle system combines a “Direct Drive Bridle” and a “Suspension Displacement Bridle.”

To put it simple, the IRS system acts as a shock absorption system and distributes tension properly to where it's needed. The guys at Slingshot say: “This provides a bar feel that is intuitive and delivers ultimate rider control. The IRS's responsiveness delivers the rider unmatched controlled power for any turn or maneuver.”

You can check out the new 2015 RPM + kite fitted with the IRS system in action in the clip below.