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Slingshot Presents the 2013 RPM

The guys at Slingshot are proud that they have changed the world of kiteboarding with the release of the RPM kite a few years ago. The RPM dominates the three strut ‘Open C’ category and it is built using the patented Split Strut Technology.

Slingshot is a brand focused on evolution and that is why it has improved the RPM each season, bringing it close to perfection. In 2013 the RPM has become a powerful machine which combines aggressive freestyle performance with progressive crossover potential.

The 2013 model features low profile wingtips for increased turning speed and reduced drag, custom attachment points for optimized kite performance, which deliver complete tuning from freestyle to wakestyle in seconds. The 2013 RPM delivers performance close to perfection, just as intended. After all, it is inspired by the Slingshot world class team.

Here’s what the Slingshot team says about the new 2013 RPM: “Over the years, we have built a full range of sizes to help you create your perfect quiver. From dominating freestyle to hard core crossover, the 2013 RPM retains its standards of durability and stability along with its aggressive look and feel on the water.”

You can take a look at this new incredible kiting machine in action in the related videos section below.