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Spleene Intros the SP-X 3

The guys at Spleene are proud to intro the third generation of their all-terrain kite SP-X 3. The new SP-X 3 can accommodate ant rider, from beginner to expert and excels in virtually any conditions. It’s also a multi-discipline machine, excellent for Freeride, Wave and Freestyle.

The kite features Spleene’s award-winning Gemini Strut Design. It has no center strut, so the profile can adapt a wide wind range and generates faster and more reliable turns. Equipped with a Short Bridle system, possible the shortest on the market, the kite has a solid flight and feels more reliable. The pulleys are moving and adapt new wind angles much faster than the rider does. At the same time, the special layout of the pulleys prevents tangling.

The kite is designed to work with the X-Bar, but can also be paired with other bars with equal front and back lines. It also uses a frontline safety.