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Strapless Attack by Maurício Pedreira

Hailing from Brazil, Blade team rider Maurício Pedreira loves the waves. As he states, waves are his addiction and kitesurfing is the sports that fulfills his passion. He loves the sport of kiteboarding too, because it gives him the choice to evolve in many different aspects.

Mauricio is a regular on the pro scene and when he is not competing, he is training and searching for new and challenging waves to conquer. And he doesn’t have to search much for the perfect waves to shred, as his home spot, Florianópolis, offers him the perfect playground.

Whenever he has the chance, Mauricio sets out to discover the awesome potential of the amazing Brazilian waves. And each of his sessions are awesome. Just like in the clip below, so sit back and enjoy the ride. Empty beaches, beautiful sights and a lot of waves.