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Switch Kites Intros the Helium

The Helium is Switch Kites’ first lightwind machine and an awesome freeride kite. The Helium will not only get you going in marginal winds, but will also allow you pull off some fun tricks without hassle. It blasts upwind with controllable power, it has a light bar pressure and it is extremely lightweight.

Thanks to a moderately swept high aspect and a high projected area wing the kite performs extremely well in less than perfect conditions. At the same time, the planform and profiles are carefully sculpted to reduce drag and optimize lift at low angles of attack.

Moreover, a fixed no-pulley 6-line bridge bridle provides even spanwise Leading Edge support while allowing quick pivotal turning and maximum de-power. The Helium is an excellent freeride and lightwind machine that can accommodate a wide range of riders with ease.