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Three Nominations for Nobile this Year

The IKSURF Reader Awards are back and it is up to the community to vote for the best male and female kitesurfer, best board, best brand, and best kite of 2011.

The news is that kiteboarding equipment manufacturer Nobile was nominated for three categories as part of IKSURF’s Kitesurfing Readers Awards 2011. The NHP kiteboard was nominated for Best Twin Tip of 2011, the T5-Koinobori was nominated for the Best Kite of 2011, and the manufacturer itself was nominated for Best Brand of 2011.

A grand total of 24 brands were nominated for the Best Brand of 2011 award. Nobile is one of them – here are the others: Mutiny, Blade, Slingshot, Core Kiteboarding, F-One, Epic, Crazy Fly, RRD, Flysurfer, Switch Kites, Ozone, Ocean Rodeo, Airush, Naish, Liquid Force, Best Kiteboarding, Advance, Takoon, Flexifoil/Hadlow, Cabrinha, North, Wainman Hawaii, And Peter Lynn.

A total of 9 kites were nominated for the Best Kite of 2011 award. Nobile’s T5-Koinobori is nominated alongside these other kites: Best Taboo, Blade Vertigo, F-One Bandit IV, Flysurfer Speed 3, North Rebel, Ocean Rodeo Rise, Slingshot Rally, and Wainman Smoke.

An equal number of boards have been nominated for the Best Twin Tip of 2011 award. As mentioned above, one of the nominations is Nobile’s NHP. Here are the other nominations: Best Armada, Blade Deuce, Crazy Fly Raptor LTD, F-One Trax, North Jaime Pro, Ocean Rodeo Mako, Slingshot Darko, Wainman Joke.

If, as part of IKSURF’s Kitesurfing Readers Awards 2011, you want to vote for Nobile, or for any of the other nominated brands, kites, and boards, you can do so here.