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TKB Repair and Maintenance Guide Available for Download

The guys at The Kiteboarder Magazine have released a very useful guide on how to repair and maintain your kiteboarding gear. Although modern gear is very durable, it still can break. That is when this guide comes in handy. At the same time it is always better to know how to maintain and repair your kite equipment before it’s actually broken and beyond fixing.

If you follow the advices presented in this guide, stock up on a few key repair supplies, and learn how to repair the basics, your gear will have a long life cycle and you will enjoy safe and fun session each time you hit the waves.

TKB Repair and Maintenance Guide covers the following topics:
- General Gear Care Tips
- Knots for Kiteboarders
- Pre-Season Kite Check
- Proper Bar Maintenance
- Make Your Kite Last Longer
- What to Carry for Repairs
- DIY Kite Repairs
- Locating a Bladder Leak
- Bladder Removal and Installation
- Bridle Lines
- Pigtails
- Re-Sleeve Line Ends
- DIY vs. Professional Repairs
- 5 Kite Repair Myths
- When Is My Kite Toast?
- Screws and Threads
- Minor Twin Tip Repair
- Minor Surfboard Repair
- Wetsuit and Harness Care Tips

If you want to download this useful guide, please follow this link. It costs only $1.99. The Kiteboarder Magazine Electronic Edition is a .pdf file for you to view on the device of your choice. You will receive a download link within 24 hours of purchase.