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A Tour of the CrazyFly Board Factory

CrazyFly is one of the most renowned brands in kiteboarding industry. The company was founded by Jozef Bukovčák and the brand, which operates since 1999 has a slogan that defines without flaw their entire range of products: “Quality you can trust”.

The Crazy fly team is driven by a huge passion for kiteboarding and all of the products they design reveal this passion once you start using them. The 2013 range of products is designed to shift the world of kiteboarding towards a higher level of performance, whether we are talking about kites, boards or accessories.

The CrazyFly factory is located in the heart of Europe, in Slovakia. There, the CF team turns raw fabrics into high performance gear. In the video below, entitled “CrazyFly Kiteboarding Made in Europe”, we invite you to take a tour of the CF board factory and take a look at how the Crazy Fly kiteboards are designed and shaped.