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Triple-S Invitational: The Epic Run and End of an Era

Over the past fourteen years, the Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational has changed the way we think about kiteboarding and kiteboarding events. But the journey has ended for this epic event. The officials decided it is time to explore new events and endeavors.

A quick word from the officials: “The Triple-S started as a grassroots event and grew into the number #1 professional kiteboarding event in the world. We feel we’ve achieved our goals of establishing a solid foundation of how kiteboarding events should be run. From here, we will explore new events and endeavours.

The Wind Voyager Triple-S could have never achieved what it did without the riders, our sponsors, our incredible event staff, the media who covered the event, the musical performers, and the fans. To each and every one of you, THANK YOU and huge congrats on an incredible run. Together we concocted a piece of kiteboarding history, and a road map of how to go forward with our sport. It’s been an incredible fourteen year journey full of epic memories and friends. The Triple-S family is a solid one. Thanks again to everyone who was a part of it!”