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Valves Leaking Air Security Notice from Ozone

Apart from “the bladder valve could detach which will instantly deflate the kite” notice that we’ve recently reported on, equipment manufacturer Ozone released another safety notice to its customers.

It seems that some inflatable kites from Ozone’s 2011 range are affected by a “valves could leak air” problem. The culprit is the Boston valve which was introduced in Ocober 2010 for Ozone’s 2011 range. The Boston valve was fitted to the Catalyst, C4, Edge, Zephyr and Reo 2011 models.

“We have received feedback that some valves may leak. After further research our design team have found that one cavity on a valve plug tool was not molding a correctly formed thread,” explained Ozone.

“This was only on a small batch of valves we were supplied. We have since informed our valve supplier of this discrepency and ensured that all valves will be molded correctly from now on. Our production team has also checked every valve in stock and removed the poorly formed valves,” Ozone added.

For now Ozone can offer a temporary solution to the problem: your valve plug must be wrapped with PTFE plumber tape. This PDF explains how to do it. This temporary solution will have to do until Ozone replaces the defective part for all affected customers.