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This Video Is Proof the 2011 Viron Is Indestructible

We already knew that the Flysurfer-manufactured 2011 Viron is a properly good kite. It is very user-friendly, it is quite easy to control and relaunch, it is very stable, it comes with a bridle that next to impossible to get tangled on the water, and it is made from strong materials that can take a beating. What we didn’t know until now is what sort of a beating the 2011 Viron can take.

Flysurfer has provided an answer to the question “how strong is the 2011 Viron.” The equipment manufacturer has released a video in which a Viron is repeatedly crashed into the ground. If I counted correctly, the kite hits the dirt 11 times in a row. Ouch!

You can watch the abovementioned video here (or check out the related videos section below).