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The Virgin Kitesurfing Armada Sets New World Record

Richard Branson and his Virgin Kitesurfing Armada do it again. The event promoted by the eccentric millionaire attracted a total of 352 riders this year on the warm waves of Tarifa Spain. And a new Guinness World Record for the  largest parade of kitesurfers has been set.

To break the previous world record of 318 kiteboarders riding together, the fleet of 352 riders sailed together for one nautical mile. In 20-27 knots winds, participants were eager to break the previous world record, which they did and the Guinness officials confirmed the new world record.

PKRA world champ Gisela Pulido was one of the riders and she was stoked to be part of the event: "The event has been incredible. Nice vibes at the Best Pro Center Tarifa and in the beach. Thanks to the more than 300 riders who have participated. We did it!"