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Wainman Hawaii Intros the Rabbit Gang 3.0

The guys at Wainman Hawaii are proud to announce the launch of their latest kite gear line: the Rabbit Gang 3.0. The new line of kites will hit the market after an extensive process of research and development and it’s ready to fly the skies.

The Wainman engineers have refined and tweaked the new kites, enhancing the performance of each kite model, but making sure that every kite retains the unmatched Wainman feel. Boasting new improvements and breathtaking graphics, the Bunny, Gypsy, Mr. Green, Smoke, Punch, Boss and Big Mama kites are ready for the new season.

The new features of these kites include improved upwind and jumping performance, optimal power delivery, top stability, faster realunch, enhanced depower, better wind range and more. The kite line is completed by the brand new RG 3.0 Control Bar and a cool RG 3.0 kite bag.

You can see the new Wainman kites at work in the promo clip below.