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Wave Riding Freedom with the Reo V3

The Ozone Reo has always been an iconic surf kite, since it was first introduced on the market. Riders with an appetite for surf loved it from the start. Now, in its third installment, the Reo pushes the boundaries of wave riding to a new level.

The Reo V3 keeps all the successful features of the much loved Reo 2015 model, but comes with fresh new colors and the new Contact-Water Control System. The kite has an advanced design, yet it is easy to use and provides flawless performance in all conditions.

Some of its features include: low aspect design, fast direct handling, consistent power, fine tuned profile and wing shapes, improved depower, superior hooked and unhooked performance, easy tuning system.

You can check out the new Ozone Reo V3 in action, piloted by elite riders Paulino Pereira and Ryan Coote in Cape Verde in the clip below. Enjoy!