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Waveriders Rejoice, Ozone Is Done with the REO Kite

Earlier this month we were reporting that kiteboarding equipment manufacturer Ozone is almost done working on the REO kite, a kite designed especially for waveriding. Ozone said at the time that it was through with the design and testing process and that it has to sort out the graphics and pick the bag the for the kite.

Today, the 15th of July, Ozone delivered some amazing news: it is done working on the REO kite. The responsive, easy to handle kite that has massive power and depower and is incredibly easy to relaunch has been released to the masses.

“The Reo has been a blast to develop. It has involved all of here us here in the Ozone HQ, Hugh, Torrin, Matt and myself but also our close friends, Pagie, Armie and Dave Edwards,” said Ozone Kites Designer, Rob Whittall. “Together we have chased waves all round the North Island of New Zealand, all in the name of “testing”. It was a labor of love. Love of the ocean, love of being out there and of course a love of the waves.”

Nathan Ducker and Darren Marshal, who got to test the kite in Western Australia, were blown away by how good it is. In their review of the REO they had the following to say: “The Reo’s are awesome. We think experienced wave kiters will agree that the design team have got this one just right. From our perspective they clearly outperform every reputable wave kite on the market. For us, the Reo ticked all the boxes and then a few more that we didn’t think were possible to tick.”

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