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What 2012 Gear the Liquid Force Global Team Uses

If you were wondering what 2012 gear Jason Slezak, Julien Fillion, and all the other pro kiteboarders on the Liquid Force Global team use, then you need wonder no more. That’s because the Kiteboarding equipment manufacturer has made this information public.

Jason Slezak prefers the NRG kites, the Influence twintip board, the 6'0" LF surfboard and the Luxury harness.
Julien Fillion also likes the NRGs, but adds the ENVYs and the NIRVANA’s to the list. His preferred twintip is the LFX, his surfboard is the 5'9" CJ and his harness,, just like Jason, the Luxury.
Brandon Scheid favors the ENVY kites, the LFX twintip, the 5'10" CJ surfboard, and the Comp harness.
Moe Goold’s favorite kites are the ENVYs as well. He uses them alongside the Contact twintip, 5'10" surfboard and the Luxury harness.
Christophe Tack favors the NIRVANA kites, the Nova twintip, the 5'7" FCD surfboard and the Comp footstraps.
James Boulding is also a NIRVANA man. When it comes to boards he likes the DLX twintip and the 5'9" CJ. For back support he goes with the Comp harness.

For additional information on Liquid Force gear check out the manufacturer’s official website here.