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What Competing Means for Bruna Kajiya and Alex Pastor

Did you ever ask yourself a question that sounds something along the lines “what does competing mean to Alex Pastor or Bruna Kajiya?” If you did ask yourself that precise question, then I have some good news for you: a video that features that two Airush-sponsored pro riders has been released to the web. In this video Alex Pastor and Bruna Kajiya talk about what competing means to them. Check out the video by clicking the image to the left in the related videos section below. Enjoy!

Moving on, let me ask you this: did you ever wonder what just a day means for another Airush-sponsored pro rider, mainly Bas Koole? If you did, then let me tell you that Bas recently released a video entitled “Just a day” – this video presents a day from the rider’s stay in Brazil during the last European winter. You can view this video by clicking the image to the right in the related videos section below.

Keen eyed readers surely noticed that there’s a third video in the related videos section down below. That is the recently released, all new 2013 Airush Team Series video. It features the aforementioned Bruna Kajiya, Alex Pastor, and Bas Koole. It also features Bear Karry. Have fun watching all three videos.