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Why You Should Like Gin Kiteboarding and Alex Pastor on Facebook

Equipment manufacturer Gin Kiteboarding is on popular social networking site Facebook and so is Airush-sponsored pro kiteboarder Alex Pastor. But that’s not the news. The news is that you should “like” them on Facebook. Keep reading to find out why.

Starting with Gin Kiteboarding, the equipment manufacturer has a promotion going on, promotion that goes something like this: purchase 2 Zulu kites and you get the third one for free. Additional info on this promo is available on Gin Kiteboarding’s Facebook page. Additional info on the Zulu kite is available here.

Moving on, Alex Pastor announced that when he gets 200 likes on Facebook, he will give away his harness to one of his fans. Or to put it in other words, if you want to have a chance of winning Alex Pastor’s harness, you have to “like” his Facebook page. The page has, at the time of writing this, 1,177 likes – 1,1778 now that I liked it as well.

Airush, one of Alex Pastor’s sponsors, said that he’s in Brazil for a few weeks, enjoying the awesome kiteboarding conditions. A video that shows Alex riding in Brazil has been released to the web; you can view it by clicking the thumbnail in the related videos section at the bottom.

Since we’re talking about Airush, the kiteboarding equipment manufacturer said that you should like the Facebook pages of two other riders it sponsors. Apart from Alex Pastor, you should like Bas Koole and Gisela Pulido on Facebook.