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Will Taggart Explores the North West Coast

Will Taggart of Ozone and friends decided to explore the North West Coast of the USA. And they did. But this was no dull journey. It was an incredible kitesurfing and paragliding adventure taking place along the coast, from the carpet and windmills of Sherman Island to the east wind of Rooster Rock on the Columbia River.

Five riders packed their gear and embarked on the trip that started Sherman Island and Table Bluff in Eureka, California and continued to Floras Lake, Oregon. Their quest for adventure took them afterwards all the way to Manzanita’s, Seaside, Jones Beach, and Rooster Rock.

The entire adventure was documented by Will Taggart, at least when possible, due to the fact that everyone was out riding or flying whenever it was really good, but the video is really cool and packed with action. Check it all out in the ‘From Carpet and Windmills - A Short Kitesurfing Tour of the NW Coast’ clip below. It is filmed with a Canon 60D and GoPro cameras.