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Windsurfers Beat Kiteboarders at the 2012 Weymouth Speed Week Challenge

The Weymouth Speed Week is the oldest and longest-running speed sailing event in the world. It is held annually since 1972 and it is a challenge dedicated to riders using a wide variety of wind-powered crafts. The idea is to sail as fast as possible over a distance of 500 meters.

This year, the prestigious event started on the 6th of October. It was the 40th celebration of this amazing speed challenge. And the 40th edition of the Weymouth Speed Week marked a clear victory of windsurfers over their kiteboarding rivals. Although the conditions were not quite perfect for the event, everyone enjoyed a great week of speed sailing.

The fastest rider of all sailors was Daniel Borgelind. He recorded the highest speed of the event with 33.174 knots and won the event. Kiteboarders were unfortunately unable to break the 30 knots barrier. The fastest of them was Martin Carter with a speed of 29.123 knots.

The current speed week harbour speed record was set by Anders Bringdal in 2008 on a sailboard. He sailed with a speed of 38.48 knots.

Complete results of the 2012 Weymouth Speed Week are available here.