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Winners of Fantasy KSP Round 1 Announced at Mauritius One Eye Pro

After an intense week of competition, the organizers and the competitors got to rest on day seven of the Mauritius One Eye Pro, the first out of three events on the KSP Wave Tour. On this day of rest and relaxation the organizers decided to announce the winners of the first round of the official KSP Fantasy Kitesurf League (Fantasy KSP for short).

As you may remember, earlier this month the KSP announced that it entered a partnership with and launched Fantasy KSP, the first kitesurfing fantasy league. The KSP announced that the prizes for the first round of Fantasy KSP would be a Best Kiteboarding TS 9m kite (1st prize), a North Kiteboarding WHIP 5'6 board (2nd prize) and Mauritius One Eye Pro competition rash vests signed by all ION Essentials riders (3rd to 5th place). If you would like to take part in the fantasy league, just click here.

As I was saying, on day 7 of the Mauritius One Eye Pro, the winners of Fantasy KSP were announced. Here’s the list of winners:

  • 1st Prize - Samy Handy of team “Kite Surf Stars”
  • 2nd Prize - Cruser Putnam of team “Maui Rippas”
  • 3rd Prize - Jeremy Slack of team “Waxer 99”
  • 4th Prize - Ginette Buffone of team “The Jets 97”
  • 5th Prize - Charles Edwards of team “Maui Syndicate 94”

The winners of the Mauritius One Eye Pro were decided on day 6 of the competition. As a little reminder, the winners in the men’s fleet are: Airton Cozzolino (1st), Mitu Monteiro (2nd), Mauricio Pedreira (3rd) Jesse Richman (4th). The winners in the women’s fleet are: Ninja Bichler (1st), Marie Gautron (2nd), Steph Bridge (3rd) and Kristin Boese (4th). Even though the winners were decided, this doesn’t mean there will be no waveriding action at Mauritius One Eye Pro. The competitors are on standby as a massive swell is expected to arrive on Saturday, October 1st. The action will be streamed live here on Saturday, starting at 11AM local time.