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World Champion Youri Zoon Presents the 2012 RPM

Kiteboarding equipment manufacturer Slingshot has recently introduced the brand new 2012 RPM kite and it got PKRA World Champion Youri Zoon to present it. Who else could be better suited to present this “open C” kite than Youri? After all, it’s the RPM that helped Youri get the Champion title and it is thanks to Youri’s influence that the RPM grew into one of the best kites around.

The 2012 RPM is incredibly durable and stable – as Slingshot put it, the kite sets the standards for durability and stability. The wing tip attachment points have been modified to optimize kite performance and offer complete tuning customization. With all the changes, the 2012 RPM is a versatile kite that performs in all conditions and is suited for all riding styles.

For additional information on the 2012 RPM, view the official presentation on Slingshot’s website. Or better yet, click the image in the related videos section below to see Youri presenting the kite.