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Your Chance to Win an Epic Screamer Kite

If you want to have an Epic Easter, then I have some spectacular news for you: the GKF (Global Kiter Foundation) has teamed up with Epic Kites and it’s giving you the chance to win a 9m Screamer kite and bar. The Epic Screamer is the ultimate weapon for huge jumps, killer hang-time and superior unhooked moves.

This is another fund raising campaign ran by the GKF. You have until the 26th of March to buy a ticket (or more) for the GKF’s raffle and thus have a chance (or more) to win a 2010 Epic Screamer 9m kite. If you buy just one ticket for the raffle, you will have just one chance to win the kite. If you buy more, say 20 tickets, you will have 20 chances to win the kite. The price of one ticket is €1.

The money raised with the help of this raffle will go towards developing more GKF workshops for people with physical disabilities and impoverished youth.

The Screamer kite and bar that the GKF will give away has been donated by Dimitri Maramenides, owner of Epic Kites, and Ambassador to Global Kiter Foundation. Click the image in the related videos section below to view Dimitri presenting the kite.

The bottom line is this: the GKF is holding a raffle and the price is a 2012 Epic Scremer 9m kite and bar. Buy one ticket (it costs €1 or $1.4) and you get one raffle ticket; buy more tickets and you have more chances to win the kite. By purchasing these tickets you are helping the non-profit organization raise funds that will be used to develop workshops for impoverished youth and people with disabilities.