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Nobile NHP XTR 2010

Nobile NHP XTR 2010

Kiteboard Model: NHP
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Nobile
Best For
Board sizes

Length and width
140 x 46cm
143 x 48cm

  • 3D Top Mould – precisely controls the end to end as well as the torsional flex; also controls the movement in the board’s various flex zones.
  • Durability – the manufacturer offers a 3-year guarantee against breakage.
  • Comfort – for a more comfortable and stable riding position, the board comes with wider stance options.
  • Fin Shims – the Fin Shims make for a stronger fin/board connection. The Fin Shims protect the board from damage by distributing the load from the heads of the screws across the wider surface of the deck. The fin screws are longer to ensure deeper penetration and reduce the chances of losing/damaging fins.
  • UV Resistant Foils – these foils ensure that 6 months on, the board looks just as good as the day you brought it home from the shops.
  • Complete Anti-Vibration Control – Nobile uses advanced core materials and laminates to create a board that offers exceptional comfort and control.
  • Hydrodynamic Rocker Line – the low drag rocker lets the water maintain its direction of travel along the board’s bottom. The board’s rocker has been designed to let the board maintain its performance even in difficult conditions and to reduce spray.
  • Dynamic Asymmetrical Outline – on the heel-side rail, the outline has more grip, better upwind performance, and maximum pop; on the toe-side, the curve radius has been increased and the fins have been brought closer to the rider’s feet in order to improve the carving potential and make it more comfortable on the rider while riding switch and while holding the edge.
  • Elliptical Progressive Concave – the flat tail area allows the board to flex the way Nobile wants it to flex; in a way that increases control, comfort and performance. The concave centre section of the board provides earlier planning, extra rail grip, and makes for a smoother ride.
  • IFS Pro Footstrap Pad System – an ergonomically formed, triple-density, moulded pad that absorbs shocks and makes for a smooth ride without compromising the direct feel of the board.

This board’s name – NHP XTR – needs a bit of deciphering. The NHP part is short for Nobile High Performance. It must be mentioned here that all the boards in the NHP range are top performance, top of the line boards. The XTR is short for eXTRa.

The 2010 NHP XTR will help you have fun out on the water when everyone else is stranded on the beach because the wind is not blowing fast enough. The 2010 NHP XTR is a dedicated light wind board optimized to help you have fun in the lightest of winds.

The great thing about the NHP XTR is that unlike other light wind boards, it does not take the fun out of your kiteboarding session. Unlike other light wind boards, the 2010 NHP is quite easy to control and quite comfortable. You have the dynamic asymmetrical outline and Naish’s legendary flex control for the comfort and control. Speaking of the dynamic asymmetrical outline, it must be mentioned that in combination with the board’s hydrodynamic rocker, the board has early planning, outstanding upwind ability and effortless carving to offer.

Why would you want to get the 2010 NHP XTR board? You will want to get this board if you want to have fun in light wind conditions, if you want a light wind board that is easy to control and comfortable.