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North Freestyle Fish 2010

North Freestyle Fish 2010

Kiteboard Model: Freestyle Fish
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: North
Best For
Waveriding  Lightwind
Board sizes

Length and width
157 x 49cm or 5’2” x 19.3”

  • Ride strapped in or strapless
  • Sky hooks for strapless riding
  • Future Fin System
  • Grab rails
  • Great in light wind conditions and small waves
  • Symmetrical outline that’s great for jibbing

In case you keep tracks of things like this, then you surely know that the 2010 release is the third-generation Freestyle Fish (the quite popular Freestyle Fish has been around for 3 years). What you may not know is what the 2010 release has to offer.

The 2010 Freestyle Fish has changed from a visual as well as a design point of view. The 2010 Freestyle Fish comes with brand new graphics (that would be the visual change) and a striking new outline and grab rails (that would be the design change).

Why would you want to get the 2010 Freestyle Fish?

You would want to get it if you want to ride in less than spectacular conditions, such as light wind conditions. At 157 x 49cm or 5’2” x 19.3”, the Freestyle Fish has the volume to cope with light wind conditions; and thanks to its wide outline it can get up and go easily. At 157 x 49cm or 5’2” x 19.3” it is small enough to properly perform in smaller waves.

Also, you would want to get the 2010 Freestyle Fish if you are thinking about getting into waveriding. This board offers a very balanced feel, it is easy to jibe, and as mentioned above, it performs great in light wind conditions. As a novice who is just picking up the basics of waveriding, you are probably not going to want to go out there in strong winds. Speaking of which, while you are still a novice you can go out there strapped in; as you progress, you can go strapless – with the 2010 Freestyle Fish you can choose if you want to ride strapped in or strapless.