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North Team Series 2010

North Team Series 2010

Kiteboard Model: Team Series
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: North
Best For
Board sizes

Length and width
125cm x 36cm (YoungBlood)
131cm x 40cm (Small)
133cm x 41cm (Medium)
135cm x 42cm (Large)

  • Excellent for new school freestyle tricks
  • Responsive Center Flex
  • 3D Wood Carbon Cap Sandwich
  • Rounded center rails
  • Tons of pop
  • An easy to control board
  • G10 S-Bend FS Fins
  • ABS protection sidewall
  • Wakestyle width
  • 3D footpads and 3D Vario foot straps
  • Covered in a shock-resistant, scratch-resistant foil
  • Glossy finish

If there is one word that would perfectly describe the 2010 Team Series board, that word would have to be “evolution.” You see, North’s team of pro riders have always tested the Team Series board to ensure it meets the needs of the freestyle rider who wants to pull off some great new school tricks. So over time, North has perfected the board; the board has evolved into an outstanding freestyle machine.

The boards in the 2010 Team Series lineup feature a new center flex concept that gives them great pop (by allowing the tips to flex), makes for a smooth ride (by absorbing the shock during landings), and gives the boards an aggressive, solid feel when edging.

The boards in the Team Series lineup are a bit wide, which is great if you want to go out there with a smaller kite. You will be able to pull off more tricks in less time thanks to the fact that the boards in the Team Series lineup are a bit wider and thanks to the fact that they have incredible upwind performance.

The G10 S-Bend FS fins are fast, offer directional stability and pop. The best part is that these fins engage quicker after fast landings. Speaking of landings, it must be mentioned that the boards in the 2010 Team Series lineup feature rounded center rails that make for a smoother ride.

The scoop rocker line of the 2010 Team Series boards will ensure you get the best performance in all conditions. In underpowered conditions, the board remains flat – which translates to early planning. In overpowered conditions the scoop bends – which translates to increased stability and control.

Why would you want to get the 2010 Team Series? You would want to get it if you are a demanding and progressive freestyle rider and you want a properly good, top performance board.