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North X-Ride 2010

North X-Ride 2010

Kiteboard Model: X-Ride
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: North
Best For
Waveriding  Freeride
Board sizes

Length and width
129cm x 38cm
133cm x 39cm
136cm x 40cm
140cm x 41.5cm

  • Great for freeriding and carving
  • Offers a very smooth ride
  • Responsive flex
  • 3D Wood Carbon Cap Sandwich
  • ABS protection sidewall
  • 3D footpads and 3D Vario foot straps
  • G10 S-Bend FR fins
  • Covered in a shock-resistant, scratch-resistant foil
  • Glossy finish

The North-manufactured 2010 X-Ride board is meant to be used by the passionate freerider out there who wants a very smooth ride. This is a highly versatile board that offers a smooth and comfortable feel. The scoop rocker line of the 2010 XRide board will ensure you get the best performance in all conditions. In underpowered conditions, the board remains flat – which translates to early planning. In overpowered conditions the scoop bends – which translates to increased stability and control.

The 2010 X-Ride is also a great waveriding board. You will find that the X-Ride lets you pull off huge jumps, freestyle and power carves in the surf. You will also find that the X-Ride keeps the spray away from your face.

The X-Ride features a new center flex concept that absorbs the shocks while riding in the chop. The round rocker and wider outline means the board has a tighter turning radius and it means you will more easily find the release point for take-offs. Speaking of take-offs, the X-Ride features G10 S-Bend FR fins that are fast, offer grip for high speed carves, allow you to hold your edge to the absolute limit for maximum pop and massive jumps, and engage quicker after fast landings.

Just to put things in perspective, the X-Ride was the most sought-after North-manufactured board back in 2009. The 2010 model is even better, from both a performance and an esthetic point of view.