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Ocean Rodeo Mako Freeride 150x40

Ocean Rodeo Mako Freeride 150x40 2010

Kiteboard Model: Mako
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Ocean Rodeo
Best For
Lightwind  Freeride
Board sizes

Length and width
150 x 40cm

  • Snowboard style construction
  • Duraclear top and bottom
  • Tapered ABS rails
  • Grab handle
  • 3D EVA footpads and Velcro adjustable foot straps
  • G10 fins
  • Massive concave
  • Composite foam core

The first thing you need to know is that there are 4 models in the 2010 Mako lineup. The following 4 models: the 130 x 35cm also known as the Mako Mini, the 140 x 40cm board, the 150 x 40cm board, and the 165 x 45cm board known as the Mako King.

The second thing you need to know is that all the boards in the Mako lineup have been designed for riders who like to carve hard and go big.

The third thing you need to know is what the Mako Freeride 150x40 has to offer. To offer the maximum sturdiness, the board has been constructed using a rugged snowboard style construction. This type of construction features a composite foam core, tapered ABS sidewalls, and bi-axial and tri-axial glass. All these elements put together offer strength and durability – which means that if you get the 2010 Mako Freeride 150x40 you will have it for a long, long time. It also means the board has plenty of flex.

With its generous width, the 2010 Mako Freeride 150x40 gets up and goes very easily – which is great for light wind conditions. It must be said that even though this board is a bit on the big side, it feels surprisingly small. And speaking of big things, the board has a massive 18mm concave that slices through the chop, offers easy upwind tracking and seamless carving.