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Ocean Rodeo Mako King 2010

Ocean Rodeo Mako King 2010

Kiteboard Model: Mako
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Ocean Rodeo
Best For
Waveriding  Lightwind  Freestyle
Board sizes

Length and width

  • Mutant or twin-tip setup
  • A very forgiving board
  • Great for light wind conditions (twin-tip setup)
  • Great for ripping the surf (mutant setup)
  • Easily hold the edge and control the speed in gusty conditions

There are 4 boards in the Mako lineup for 2010: the 130 x 35cm also known as the Mako Mini, the 140 x 40cm board, the 150 x 40cm board, and the 165 x 45cm board known as the Mako King. All the boards in the Mako lineup have been designed for riders who like to carve hard and go big.

The Mako King can be ridden in one of two ways: mutant or twin-tip. The choice is up to you. If you choose the mutant setup, you will find the Mako King to be a properly good wave machine that combines the familiarity of a directional board with the safety and convenience of twin-tip board. If you choose the twin-tip setup you will find the Mako King to be a properly good light wind board. Beginner riders who opt for the twin-tip setup will particularly like the Mako King as it is a quite forgiving board.

The great thing about the Mako King is that in twin-tip setup, it performs well in light wind conditions as well as when the wind picks up. You can enjoy a smooth ride in all conditions.