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The Australian Kite Surfing Association is dedicated to promote the safe practicing of kiteboarding and provide access to beaches and water courses on the Australian continent. It is also the main regulatory body for the sport of kiteboarding in Australia and it organizes the National Championships as well as other national events (schedule is available on the official website).

Since Kitesurfing is an extreme sport and the AKSA encourages safe practicing, it offers safety tips and best practices tips to all riders. It is affiliated with professional schools and instructors who are ready to train future champs. The AKSA also has partnerships with other kiteboarding association in order to best promote the riders’ interests.

The AKSA promotes kiteboarding and strives to make this sport safe. It tries to keep riders informed and encourages goodwill and understanding between kiteboarders and other beach users.

The AKSA has four membership types. Mailing list membership is free, and the single, junior and non kiting membership requires a fee. Single and junior membership includes an insurance policy. Registered members get the AKSA Tag which helps local authorities, clubs and other kitesurfers recognize them. Registration is open to all Australians, as well as to all the people who love kiteboarding.