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The German Kitesurf Association is an organization dedicated to support pro and amateur riders. It was founded in 2005 and the German registration name is Deutsch Kitesurf Association eV. The Association is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany and it is governed by an executive board.

The GKA promotes kiteboarding and establishes the rules regarding safety, beach and water courses access and competitions. It encourages competition among riders as well as the recreational practice of this sport. It is also a member of the IKA and it organizes and regulates the local events and competitions.

GKA objectives:
- Supervising and managing rankings and rules
- Organizing races and kiteboarding related events
- Providing necessary equipment for members
- Promoting informational materials
- Organizing training camps

There are three membership types and registration requires a fee.  Members have several benefits, such as access to gear and training facilities, access to professional schools, access to major events and competitions, discounts in GKA partner shops and more. The members have the obligation to pay the annual fee and to support the GKA and its activities.