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The International Kiteboarding Association represents the International Class Association of the ISAF (International Sailing Federation). It was founded in 2008 with the purpose to offer a universal ranking system and manage the administration of kiteboarding worldvide. The International Kiteboarding Association’s mission is "To unite, to assist, and to serve".

The IKA regulates five main disciplines: Wave, Course Racing, Speed, Slalom and Freestyle. The ranking system is based on points awarded to competition winners, based on a specific formula according to each discipline. All major competitions, including the PKRA events are sanctioned and regulated by the International Kiteboarding Association.

The official IKA website offers information on each of the five disciplines, as well as a complete set of rules for the sanctioned competitions, rankings, important news, competitions schedule and a complete list of competitions results.

Membership is granted based on an annual subscription. There are three types of membership: Full for National Kiteboarding Class Associations and federations, Corporate for manufacturers and Associated for any individual interested in kiteboarding.