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France is a very popular destination for water sports enthusiasts. One of the most appreciated extreme water sports is kiteboarding. Since it gathers a huge numbers of fans each season, the French kiteboarding community of Porsguen has created the Kitesurf29 Association with the purpose to represent the needs of all riders.

The association was founded in 2008 and it has very clear objectives:
- Development and maintenance of kiteboarding sites
- Supporting beginners and introducing new people to kiteboarding
- Offering insurance to kiters
- Promote kiteboarding in France
- Organize events, competitions and trips
- Create a safe and fun kiteboarding environment

The Kitesurf29 Association encourages the safe practice of kiteboarding and therefore it has set some clear safety and navigation rules. These rules are intended to maintain a safe playground for kiteboarders as well as for other beach users.

Membership is voluntary and it is open to any kiteboarding enthusiast. Membership fees as well as other donations are used to promote kiteboarding and the safe practice of this sport, establish new sites, cover insurance and providing members with the latest gear.