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The SFBA - San Francisco Boardsailing Association is a volunteer nonprofit organization which supports and cares for the San Francisco Bay Area boars sailing community. Boardsailing includes kitesurfing and windsurfing. The association does a great job in promoting safety, providing access to beaches and special facilities and ensuring the education of all windsurfing and kitesurfing enthusiasts.

Since it is a nonprofit organization, the annual membership fee (which can be regarded as a donation) is used entirely to support boardsailing activities in the Bay Area. The SFBA was founded in 1986 and now it gathers over 1600 members.

The SFBA provides liability insurance for the local races, supports the board sailing community, monitors and organizes several events, improves the local facilities, contributes to the education and training of the sailors and provides access to beaches and sailing spots.

The SFBA is organized in four chapters to ensure that the sailors’ interests are best represented in the Bay Area. The four chapters are: North Bay Chapter, San Francisco Chapter, East Bay Chapter and the Peninsula Chapter. 

On the SFBA official site, board sailors from the San Francisco Bay Area can sign up for membership and find information regarding benefits as well as the full schedule of events organized by the association. Resources like safety guide, wind cams, local shops and industry news are also available.