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Australia is one of the most popular destinations for extreme water sports enthusiasts. It offers a great a great landscape and excellent wind and wave conditions. A huge number of kiteboarding enthusiasts find Australia to be the perfect playground. The Western Australia Kitesurfing Association was founded to support them and care for their needs.

The most important role of the WAKSA is to ensure the safety of all riders. It has set a complete set of rules regarding safety and navigation to prevent riders getting injured. The WAKSA is also responsible for providing beach and water access and for developing new launch sites. It provides insurance for its members and represents them in the relation with the local authorities.

WAKSA is affiliated with the AKSA and represents the AKSA in the Western part of Australia. It organizes kiteboarding related events and competitions on a regular basis, it regulates these competitions and it is responsible for the ranking system. On the WAKSA official website the members and the public can find the full events schedule, as well as safety guidelines, news, photos or documentation needed for membership and competitions.

Registration is open to any kiteboarding enthusiast and membership is voluntary. Membership fees and member donations are used to promote kiteboarding in Australia, cover the insurance, maintain current sites and establish new launch sites or organize social events and competitions.