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RRD K-Race LTD 2010

RRD K-Race LTD 2010

Kiteboard Model: K-Race
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: RRD
Best For
Racing  Lightwind
Board sizes

Length and width
180 x 50cm

  • Meant for racing
  • 4-fin setup
  • Full monoconcave hull
  • Wide, flexible, squared fish tail
  • Great in light wind conditions
  • TT HP moulded pads
  • Symmetrical, adjustable straps
  • K-Race and CNC G1- Minituttle Box fins

The 2010 K-Race LTD board has been designed by RRD (Roberto Ricci Designs) with a simple goal in mind: to help you win races. Therefore the board gets up and goes in very light wind conditions – 8 knots conditions, to better put things in perspective. The board planes easily even though the wind blows at an incredibly slow 8 knots; this is all thanks to the board’s shape, fin design and hull setup.

Because the K-Race LTD board has been designed for racing, it goes upwind like a racing windsurf board.

RRD spent a grand total of 8 months testing and refining the K-Race LTD board. In designing the board Roberto Ricci used the extensive knowledge on racing he gathered over the years and the feedback of Abel Lago and Werther Castelletti. The result is a board that gets up and goes in light wind conditions and continues to pick up speed as the wind picks up speed as well. There are no limits to how fast this board can go.

RRD’s tagline for the K-Race LTD board is: “Giant leap for the sport.”