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RRD Placebo V2 2010

RRD Placebo V2 2010

Kiteboard Model: Placebo
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: RRD
Best For
Freestyle  Freeride
Board sizes

Length and width
132 x 39cm
133 x 40cm
134 x 41cm
140 x 43cm
142 x 45cm
144 x 47cm

  • Top quality, mid-priced board
  • Snowboard construction technology
  • Full CNC laminar wood core
  • TT HP moulded pads
  • Screw-IT System Neo straps
  • Flow 5 Texalium
  • ABS sidewalls
  • Crystal polished clear deck

The first great thing about the 2010 Placebo V2 model is that it can be ridden by any type of rider, from the novice to the advanced and even the pro. The second great thing about this all-round freestyle and freeride board is that it offers great value per dollar spent. You get unbeatable value, excellent performance and quality at a good price.

Compared to the Poison models, the Classic or the LTD V2, the Placebo V2 model is slightly longer and a bit softer. This translates to a more comfortable ride. The Placebo V2 is so comfortable that you will immediately feel at home riding it.

It must be mentioned that in designing the Placebo V2, RRD used the experience it accumulated in more than 10 years of testing and designing boards.

If you decide to get the 2010 Placebo V2, and you should if you want a comfortable freestyle/freeride board that you can use in a wide range of conditions, then you will have the board for a long time. This is because RRD used snowboard construction technology, went with a full wood core, and ABS sidewalls – all elements that spell out durability.

RRD’s tagline for the Placebo V2 is: “Makes u feel what u are missing…