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Shinn Luigi Beachcomber 2010

Shinn Luigi Beachcomber 2010

Kiteboard Model: Luigi
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Shinn
Best For
Board sizes

Length and width
128 x 39cm
130 x 40cm
132 x 42cm
134 x 44cm

  • An excellent freeride board
  • Can be used by novices and expert riders alike
  • Very comfortable and very easy to use
  • Great upwind ability
  • Deep section EVA cushioning for maximum ride comfort, even during rough landings
  • Multiple stance options so you can select the stance that best suits your needs
  • Memory foam that adjusts to your feet
  • Shinn foot straps that offer excellent grip
  • Alabasia wood core (wood is durable, lightweight and has plenty of flex)
  • Durable and environment-friendly construction
  • A very progressive rocker
  • For early planning the board features a central concave washing out to flat areas in the tips
  • High visibility G10 fins
  • Deck protection plates for maximum durability
  • A straighter outline between your feet for extra grip, less leg pressure and stable tracing upwind
  • Increased curve radius in the tips for smooth turning and better control


Apart from the graphics, the 2010 Luigi Beachcomber is the same as the 2010 Luigi and the 2010 Luigi’s Brother – a properly good freeride board that can be used by the novice and expert rider alike. It is a board that offers an incredibly comfortable ride, a board that is quite easy to use, goes upwind effortlessly, and starts planning with incredible ease. The novice user will find this board easy to use and stable and he will gain the confidence he needs to have a fun session. The expert rider will find this board to be quite versatile and more than capable to offer a fun cruising, jumping and, why not, waveriding session.

The bottom line is that the Luigi Beachcomber is nothing more than the summer edition of the Luigi model. You get the same great performance, but different graphics.

Shinn’s tagline for the 2010 Luigi Beachcomber is: “Your summer ride.”