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Shinn Master Jack 2010

Shinn Master Jack 2010

Kiteboard Model: Master Jack
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Shinn
Best For
Board sizes

Length and width
120 x 36cm
125 x 38cm

  • Shorter and lighter board meant for your riders
  • High visibility G10 fins
  • Deck protection plates for maximum durability
  • Deep section EVA cushioning for maximum ride comfort, even during rough landings
  • Multiple stance options so you can select the stance that best suits your needs
  • Memory foam that adjusts to your feet
  • Shinn foot straps that offer excellent grip
  • Alabasia wood core (wood is durable, lightweight and has plenty of flex)
  • Durable and environment-friendly construction
  • For early planning the board features a central concave washing out to flat areas in the tips
  • A straighter outline through the central section for extra speed and grip
  • Increased radius in the tips makes for a forgiving board
  • The rocker has been specifically designed for extra small boards

Are you a young gun who is just now getting into the kiteboarding scene and you want to prove your worth? If you are, then you will be glad to find out that Shinn has a board specifically designed for young riders. The board I am talking about is of course the 2010 Master Jack.

The Monokini board isn’t a men’s board that Shinn shrunk down and painted in girly colors so that it could call it a “women’s lover.” The Master Jack board as well isn’t a board that Shinn shrunk down so that it could call it a “junior’s high”. A lot of thought went into the design and development process of this board. What Shinn ended up with is a board that young riders can ride fast and loose, a board that will not punish the rider and forgives errors in his technique.

Shinn Master Jack is definitely a top performer. In manufacturing the Master Jack, Shinn used the same materials and construction technology it used for all the other boards in its lineup. The same level of manufacturing perfection that went into developing the Luigi or the King George also went into the Master Jack.

Master Jack, as Shinn explained, is the manufacturer’s commitment to the future stars that will shine on the kiteboarding scene.

Shinn’s tagline for the 2010 Master Jack is: “Nice to meet you.”