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Slingshot Glide 2010

Slingshot Glide 2010

Kiteboard Model: Glide
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Slingshot
Best For
Board sizes

Length and width
149 x 45.5cm

  • Future Response Technology (FRT) – lightweight and durable technology that makes for incredible energy and pop
  • Taper Wall sidewalls – offer incredible dampening and shock absorption
  • Straight line rocker – offers great upwind ability and maximum glide
  • Flat rocker – for effortless planning and top end speed
  • Maximum surface area
  • Durabase – for unmatched durability
  • Symmetrical fins
  • Thermo-formed Doyle grab handle
  • Bolt-Ons integrated foot pad and micro adjust strap system
  • Lifetime Rider Service Membership
  • Slingshot legendary, bomber quality construction

Do you want a top performance freestyle board with tons of pop, a board that is meant to be ridden hard and aggressively? Then you need to get Slingshot’s 2010 Darko. Do you want a top performance freeride board that’s stable and offers a comfortable ride? Then you need to get Slingshot’s 2010 Ignition. Do you want a board that you can ride when the wind blows lightly? In that case, you need to get Slingshot’s 2010 Glide board.

Made in the windy Gorge, USA, the 2010 Glide is Slingshot’s dedicated light wind board. When all the other riders will be stranded on the beach waiting for the wind to pick up, you will be able to go out there and have a bit of fun. As Slingshot explained, the 2010 Glide “gets you out on the water when nothing else will.”
The 2010 release is the 5th generation Glide model. The 2010 release is stable, responsive and shines in light wind conditions.