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Slingshot Lunacy 2010

Slingshot Lunacy 2010

Kiteboard Model: Lunacy
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Slingshot
Best For
Board sizes

Length and width
129 x 39cm
132 x 41cm
135 x 43cm

  • Tested and approved by Ruben Lenten
  • Made in the windy Gorge, USA
  • Future Response Technology (FRT) – lightweight and durable technology that makes for incredible energy and pop
  • Taper Wall sidewalls – offer incredible dampening and shock absorption
  • Aggressive squared tip and tail
  • Constant curve rocker – that eliminates chatter and provides increased stability
  • Wide shape and massive tip power – for more pop and drive
  • Durabase – for unmatched durability
  • Single concave
  • Hyper Tip Flex
  • Asymmetrical fins
  • Bolt-Ons integrated foot pad and micro adjust strap system
  • Lifetime Rider Service Membership
  • Slingshot legendary, bomber quality construction

Made in the windy Gorge and tested and approved by Ruben Lenten, the 2010 Lunacy board is not meant for the novice or intermediate rider. This is a board meant to be used by the pro rider. This board boosts higher, lands softer, goes faster, and is overall a little bit better than all the other boards in Slingshot’s 2010 lineup. As Slingshot explained, the 2010 Lunacy “is relentless in its quest for excellence.”

The 2010 release is the third generation Lunacy model. In designing this board pro rider Ruben Lenten worked closely with Slingshot’s lead board designer John Doyle. The two have come up with a board that is meant to be used at a pro level. The board’s name – Lunacy – is an indication of the high level of performance this board offers; it is also an indication of how insane Lenten rides.

New for 2010 is the introduction of Future Response Technology (FRT), Tapper Wall sidewalls, and Hyper Tip Flex.