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Spleene High Tech RIP 2010

Spleene High Tech RIP 2010

Kiteboard Model: High Tech RIP
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Spleene
Best For
Board sizes

Length and width
134 x 39.5cm
137 x 43cm
140 x 45.5cm

  • Ultra lightweight construction – lighter than the 2009 model
  • Needle nose tips – the outline is narrower than on the 2009 model; the 2010 model is faster and easier to control
  • Dynamic flex control – precise flex control that offers a smooth ride
  • Softer flex compared to the 2009 model
  • Spray anticipating rails – the board keeps the spray away from the rider’s face
  • Paulownia wood core – wood is a durable yet lightweight material that has plenty of pop
  • Progressive rocker line – helps the board plane more easily
  • Jet bottom technology – water is channeled along the board’s edges, giving it more “edge bite”
  • Full 3D-shape and full suspension tips – make for a smoother ride and easier to control board
  • Rail grabs - great for carrying the board or for pulling tricks
  • Four stance options - choose the stance that best suits you
  • Good looking graphics - the board looks great

If you are already familiar with the 2009 High Tech RIP, then you need to know that a few things have changed. The 2010 High Tech RIP maintains the same high standards of performance and focuses on the rider’s comfort at the same time. Compared to the 2009 model, the 2010 High Tech RIP is more comfortable to ride. Thanks to the board’s dynamic flex control, your knees will not hurt like heck after a demanding session. Compared to the 2009 model, the 2010 High Tech RIP features “spray anticipating rails” – this means the board’s outline has been tweaked to keep spray away from the rider’s face.

Keeping with the comfort theme we’ve got going on here, it must be said that the 2010 High Tech RIP is lighter than the 2009 High Tech RIP. Because the board weighs less, you will be need less energy for riding and jumping – and thus have a more comfortable ride.

From a design point of view, one cannot but notice that the 2010 High Tech RIP features narrower tips. These narrow tips make for an easier to control and faster board.