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Spleene High Tech Session 2010

Spleene High Tech Session 2010

Kiteboard Model: High Tech Session
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Spleene
Best For
Board sizes

Length and width
141 x 43cm

  • Dynamic flex control – precise flex control that offers a smooth ride
  • Spray anticipating rails – the board keeps the spray away from the rider’s face
  • Ultra lightweight construction – lighter than the 2009 model
  • Full 3D-shape and full suspension tips – make for a smoother, easier to control ride
  • Jet bottom technology – water is channels along the board’s edges, giving the board more “edge bite”
  • Paulownia wood core – wood is a durable yet lightweight material that has plenty of pop
  • Progressive rocker line – helps the board plane more easily
  • Rail grabs
  • Four stance options
  • Wide body tips

The 2010 High Tech Session maintains the upwind and light wind performance of the 2009 model, and takes things to the next level by making the ride a bit more comfortable for the rider. For 2010 Spleene has tweaked the outline of the High Tech Session so that spray is kept away from the rider’s face. Spleene also found some ways to reduce the board’s weight. The 2010 High Tech Session is lighter than the 2009 High Tech Session, which means the 2010 model is more responsive, more agile, and needs less energy to control.

There are riders of all sizes and shapes out there. To cater to the needs of all of them, the 2010 High Tech Session comes with four difference stance options. The rider can simply select the stance that he finds most comfortable.