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SU-2 Optima 2010

SU-2 Optima 2010

Kiteboard Model: Optima
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Best For
Board sizes

Length and width
125 x 39cm
130 x 41cm
135 x 41cm


Designed with the novice, first-time buyer in mind
The same hull design as the ProSeries
Suited for riders between 65 and 85 kilos (depending on the model)
Available in 4 different colors: white, red, green and yellow. Optima boards are monocolor.
Adjustable stance
Hyberbolic Paraboid Concave – a shape that minimizes drag and improves speed, upwind ability and light wind performance.
Antivibration II Generation – the hybrid code combined with the flexibility of the tips makes for a board that doesn’t vibrate much (the vibrations are reduced).
Skip Edge – instead of ABS, the board features a silicon edge that gives the board more pop.
System Active Edge – the board is more responsive and offers smoother landings because the thickness of the edge changes in particular places around the rail.
Made from top quality, lightweight yet durable materials
The top of the board is protected by a combination of high quality epoxy resin and layers of fiberglass to ensure high durability
The bottom of the board has numerous holes that cause an aquaplaning effect, making the board faster
Full concave bottom


There are 3 models in the 2010 Optima lineup – the 125 x 39cm model, which is suited for 65kg riders, the 130 x 41 cm model, which is suited for 75kg riders, and the 135 x 41cm model, which is suited for 85kg riders. These models should satisfy the needs of every rider out there, from the smaller to the larger ones.

Speaking of needs that need to be met, the Optima board has been designed with the novice, first-time buyer in mind. It will perfectly meet the needs of the novice rider who doesn’t have a whole lot of cash to spend. The 2010 Optima is an easy to use board that will help the novice rider push his skill to the next level – and will help him do this at a rapid pace.

If you are just now getting into kiteboarding, don’t do what other first-time buyers do. Do not search for a second-hand board that you think will save you money. You will only get an old model that is worn out and possibly damaged. For roughly the same amount of money you can get a brand new Optima, lightweight, durable, and easy to use board that will take your riding to the next level. Progress, do not regress!

Not convinced yet? In that case, here’s something that you should definitely know about: the Optima has the same hull design as SU-2’s ProSeries. How does the Optima compare with the Pro Series? The Optima boards have no graphics, they are monocolor; the materials from which the two boards are made of vary a bit.