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Xelerator Thrill 2010

Xelerator Thrill 2010

Kiteboard Model: Thrill
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Xelerator
Best For
Board sizes

Length and width
132 x 40cm
135 x 41cm
138 x 42cm


Elliptical concave
Wood core
ABS rails and tips
Marine grade stainless steel inserts
Biax-glass, epoxy post cured laminate
PBT top sheet
Aluminum molded EVA handle
No splash flex tips
TPFC (Thickness Profile Flex Control)
3D molded pads and straps
Thin profile fins

Out of all the boards in Xelerator’s 2009 lineup, the Thrill proved to be one of the most popular models. There is a very good reason why this board struck a cord with numerous kiteboarders out there – the 2009 Xelerator was a versatile board that offered a smooth ride. The Thrill is back for 2010 and it is even better than the 2009 model.

The 2010 Thrill, just like the 2009 model, offers a very smooth ride. This smoothness is all thanks to the board’s fast rocker and the new TPFC, which is short for Thickness Profile Flex Control. Not only does the rocker and TPFC flex concept absorb the shock while riding in the chop, it also allows the board to plane seamlessly.

The 2010 Thrill has great upwind ability, grips well during high speed carves, and holds the edge for maximum pop. This is thanks to its flat centre rocker and its outline.

Why would you want to get the 2010 Thrill? You would want to get it if you are looking for an all terrain twin-tip that offers a smooth ride and jumps very high.

Xelerator’s tagline for the 2010 Thrill is: "All terrain free ride."