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Liquid Force Recoil Comp 2009
With the release of the 2009 Recoil and Recoil Comp, the Liquid Force team has revolutionized the world of freestyle kiteboarding. The boards feature an innovative construction technology which delivers performance close to perfection. While the R...
Liquid Force Recoil 2009
Freestyle is one of the most spectacular and demanding kiteboarding disciplines. The dream of any freestyler is to capture the audience with his spectacular moves and perform at world class competitions. And a great freestyler needs a great board...
Liquid Force Recoil 2010
If you are just now picking up the basics of kiteboarding, then you must know that the Liquid Force-manufactured Recoil board is one of the best entry level freestyle/freeride boards you could get. This board offers an excellent blend of performan...
Liquid Force Recoil
Size Length 127cm | Width 38cm | Fin: 1.5 GTS | Weight: 4.8 lbs Length 130cm | Width 39cm | Fin: 1.5 GTS | Weight: 4.85 lbs